A Purty Lawn

I'm not really sure how to put this nicely.  This sculpture stemmed from my disgust of everything christmas.  From the decorations that go up in the stores in August, to the stupid TV specials and red and dark green m & m's with bells on them.  I was inspired by a drive up rt.22a when I spied a virgin mary in a bathtub sticking out of the ground.  Muses work in strange ways.
Originally, while sticking with the theme of tragedy in different communities of the world- the sculpture was going to be a garden gnome funeral.  However, the ground was already frozen, covered in 3 feet of snow, and wouldn't be soft enough to dig for at least 6 months.  My deadline was only a few weeks away.  jorge will be missed.
Do you have any idea how fucking difficult it is to find lawn gnomes and pink flamingoes in northern Vermont in December?  It's incredibly difficult.  And don't try calling around to different stores, because they'll just hang up on you. 

here are some of the initial sketches--- click on the thumbnails for a larger view!

gnomesk2.jpg (11522 bytes) gnomesk3.jpg (9031 bytes) gnomesk4.jpg (10295 bytes) gnomesk5.jpg (13847 bytes)
Pretty soon, the only thing I was missing was that cd where dogs and cats bark holiday songs!  And my friends and I  tried so hard to find it!  No luck!  Napster SHMapster.  However, I was able to find some stuffed animal lambs that Baa'd when you squeezed them.  Oh, how they echoed through the hallowed halls. 

The results- well, they speak for themself.  Check out the thumbnails below. 

xmas2.jpg (17356 bytes) xmas3.jpg (13905 bytes) xmas4.jpg (14584 bytes) xmas1.jpg (13713 bytes)


In the second one, a wise man tempts jesus with the dark side! 

Shit yeah, you'd better believe that's pure astroturf and genuine fake snow!