My Plan

don't mess with supermilligan! Lots of details to discern... Lots of details...

Every great superhero has a plan.  Spiderman, the Tick, and even SuperMilligan.  What ever could my plan be? 

One day, when I take over the world, all puppies will be given a big bowl of Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream.  This is my plan.  Oh, and to rid the world of evil, yada yada yada. 

What were you expecting?  The law of thermodynamics?  I'm a dog for christsake.  Then how's this?  Every dog will also have their own playground to play on.  Personally, I like using slides- the twisty kind really freak me out, but the tall and bumpy ones are superb!


This picture is of me and my human, Lynn.  It was taken when she still worked at Ben & Jerry's. 

That's Church Street, in Burlington, Vermont in the background.  It was a real fun place to hang.  A lot of people would stop and pet me every time I walked down the street.  I owned Burlington.  Like I will own the WORLD some day- THE WORLD!!!

But I digress... 

free ice cream... those were the days!
Maybe some day I will feel comfortable providing you with some more details to my plan.  For security reasons, I cannot share any more.  My enemies keep close watch on me, as they should- but they will lose, I tell you!  Lose horribly!  


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