My Story

I was born in October of 1999 in northern Vermont.  I'm a Redbone Coonhound/Black Labrador Retriever Mix.  My human, Lynn, adopted me from the Frontier Animal Society of Vermont, where my whole litter was placed.  Deborah was the person who ran the kennel we were in, she was really nice to us.  good ol' east hardwick, vermont
The day Lynn came to pick me up (after many visits), a blizzard was hitting the state.  The drive home was very hard, there was a lot of snow on the mountain roads.  She had brought a blanket for me to travel on, but as soon as I got in the car, I started droooooling!!! We had to make a pit stop at the local feed shop so Lynn could buy my brand of puppy food and lots of paper towels!  She kept having to wipe my face off.  It was pretty embarrassing.  A car that was driving in front of us spun off the Interstate going about 60 mph, Lynn said it was because "morons can't drive in the snow" but that we'd be okay.  It was pretty scary.     

People often ask me, "What kind of name is 'Milligan'?"  What the hell do you mean???  Yeah, it's a family name, passed on from generation to generation.  I have a tartan and everything. 

Actually, I was named after a Kids in the Hall character, played by Kevin McDonald.  M.C. Sir Simon Milligan, is the master of ceremonies at the Pit of Ultimate Darkness.  Lynn saw the Kids in the Hall in Montreal during their reunion tour (the week after she got me), and she and her brother (my Uncle Dave) decided that Milligan was a damn fine name to consider.  Lynn was trying to decide between that, and Gretchen (after a God Street Wine song).  Guinness was another consideration, because my coloring resembles a fine stout.  Lynn said she wouldn't feel comfortable screaming, "GUINEA!!!" over and over again at the top of her lungs at 3am if I ever ran out of the house...    

and Milligan it was!!!

It worked out for the best, you see...  For I am a puppy possessed by many demons...  Demons that would lick the mailman this morning, but demons NONETHELESS!!! 

if hecubus is sleeping, how can he hear me?
this was my favorite toy before i killed it...  EEEVIL! Once Lynn graduated from UVM, we moved from Burlington to downstate New York.  I miss walking down the street and meeting new people, weird people, smelly people... I miss going into Ben & Jerry's and the Vermont Sandwich Company and getting fed free samples.

But here, in the 'burbs, I have a yard, and I can run around and chase squirrels, rabbits... and these awful creatures called "cats".  They piss me off the most, because they remind me of raccoons, so I have a genetic excuse to tree them.  


Milligan's Lair