(This sculpture never officially got a name.)  

The first idea for this sculpture came from something out of my comedy notebook.  The original sketches planned out a complicated (and hysterical) assassination attempt at a freedom fighter sock during a sock puppet amnesty rally.  The entire main entrance and stairway in Williams (the art building) would have been used.  Due to the time of year, it would have been nearly impossible for me to actually achieve the full vision of this idea, because there was no way I could reserve the entire art building's public space as my own (freakin' academia).  Oh well.  
Then I was going to try and get each of the display cases in the building and fill them with scenes of sock puppet carnage.  Mob hits, dryer accidents, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.  What became the sculpture was derived from this idea.  

A couple of years ago in New York City, a gallery held an exhibit of crime scene photographs.  A gallery of human carnage- it was a smashing success!  So, for the good of the sock puppet community (their morale gets so low... so, so, low.), I set up a gallery and let them exhibit examples of the finest moments in sock puppet history.    

Below are the crime scene photos. 

click on the thumbnails for larger images!!! c'mon!!! CLICK 'EM!!! 
An unfortunate assassination! 

I hope that upholstery is scotch-guarded!

jfk1.jpg (14397 bytes) jfk2.jpg (17455 bytes)
This one tried calling 911, but it was too late!  and yes, that's an eye.  chalk1.jpg (16266 bytes) chalk2.jpg (14752 bytes)
jb1.jpg (16058 bytes) jb2.jpg (12558 bytes) jb3.jpg (14488 bytes) Don't look in the basement!
car1.jpg (17066 bytes) car2.jpg (20768 bytes) Witnesses only heard the sound of brakes screeching.
People kept stopping to ask me what the hell I was doing.  Nice old ladies and such.  I lied... A lot. church1.jpg (18047 bytes) church2.jpg (22290 bytes) church3.jpg (21159 bytes) church4.jpg (25426 bytes)
sm1.jpg (17134 bytes) I got a really good grade on this, you know... Not that it matters for shit.  But it was all very appreciated.
I had just extinguished a burning cross on the sidewalk when I came across these assholes. lynch1.jpg (13949 bytes) lynch2.jpg (24499 bytes)
No comment.  I stand by my work. abort1.jpg (20629 bytes) abort2.jpg (23048 bytes)
These are photos of the gallery as it was set up.
sfwall1.jpg (23312 bytes) sfwall2.jpg (31984 bytes) sfwall3.jpg (23857 bytes) sfwall4.jpg (22298 bytes)

sfwall5.jpg (25204 bytes) sfwall6.jpg (28765 bytes) sfwall7.jpg (24516 bytes)

and of course, the magnificent opening!
sgallery1.jpg (21901 bytes) sgallery2.jpg (17494 bytes) sgallery3.jpg (25775 bytes) sgallery4.jpg (19434 bytes) sgallery5.jpg (19263 bytes)
I found this in the medical examiner's lab- what a conversation piece!