These trees are on the University of Vermont campus, in Burlington, VT.  The installation was done in early autumn.

I chose these three trees to work on because they are located in a high traffic area on the UVM green.  Also because I wouldn't need a ladder to work on them (I'm short).
Originally, I wanted to do a sculpture based on my favorite shirt- a blue plaid, flannel one that I wore almost every day to keep me warm. 

**image coming soon!** 

**image coming soon!**

The idea was to make it monumental, to express it's importance to society, not just myself.  Bow down before the shirt!

The following sketches are the ones used to plan out the installation. 

(click on the thumbnails for a larger view!)

Actual preparation of the fabric took a few weeks.  Installing the sculpture on the trees took several hours. 

The rotting berries on the ground below the trees kept sticking to everything and below freezing temperatures with light rain made it especially fun.  
One of my biggest concerns was how many drunk frat boys were going to mess with the sculpture for the week it was up.  Luckily, no one did!  This may have been because the weather was horrible, one of the first really cold spells of the season.  Yeehaw! 

Many people commented that they thought the flannel was protecting the young trees from the first frost.  I told them it was an experimental treatment being tested at UVM and 4 other schools in the Northeast.